Some of the important things you need to know regarding booking an appointment, rescheduling, cancelling and all things Respire


Why do you have to email a request for an appointment? 

Blame Atlanta traffic. In order to ensure timely arrival for your mobile service(s), we must manually place all appointments in the system so that we have enough travel time in between clients to complete setup, service time and breakdown. State the service, service time, date, the area of town service is being received, and the person service is being requested for. 

Why are we asked to leave a voice message instead of speaking to someone directly?

We are currently completely mobile and providing Pop Ups. We do not have the full staff that we had prior to being at our Collier Rd location. We check our voice messages constantly. We ask when you leave a message you provide detailed information so we can get a response to you as soon as possible. State the service, service time, date, the area of town service is being received, and the person service is being requested for. 

Why is a deposit required to book an appointment?

This is to ensure that we and you the client are making the appointment a priority, and being respectful of each other's time.  A card must be on file in order to Deposit can range from $40-$50, based on the services being booked, and the balance is due on the date services are rendered. Payment will be collected with contactless checkout via an electronic invoice, credit card processing, cash app, PayPal or cash.

Why are couples massages, facials and waxing currently not being offered on the menu?

We have limited staffing available. and we want to ensure that clients can truly book the services being offered at this time. Other than our massage, Reiki and detox services filling up rather quickly, we believe in providing great customer service, and do not prefer to disappointment anyone by advising services are not able to be booked at this time. Couples massages can not be provided due to the limited staff and bookings that have been made prior to a requested date.

How do I get information about the next Pop Up Spa Day?

This information is promoted directly here on the site, email distribution and our social media posts. You can email us a request to get placed on the waiting list for any upcoming dates. Waiting list requests are processed before a formal announcement is made publicly. Location details are provided in the email confirmation.

How do I book a spa party?

We are taking safety into  account first. In order to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe, we are not able to service parties over 4 people. Email your request titled SPA PARTY REQUEST,   clarifying the services that each person is interested in receiving, date options, timeframe requested, address services are being rendered. Invoices are emailed so that each person can pay for their deposit separately if that is preferred. Balance due no later than the date services are rendered. 

How do I know if my appointment got booked?

You will receive an email confirmation. Please make sure you complete all intake forms related to every service being received. 

What makes the mobile services and Pop Ups safe? 

Staff are vaccinated and practice extreme sanitary practices before arriving for services, during the service and upon leaving the service. We stay masked up and utilize the use of a shield when needed as an additional barrier. We ask that clients are masked during services (when clients are prone mask can be removed), we sanitize all surfaces in-between clients during our Pop Ups and we schedule clients with enough of a timeframe in between where each client enters without contact with the previous client. This is why we are not providing couples massages where both people are getting serivces at the same time-- to adhere to social distancing.

How do I prepare for my mobile session?

We ask that any people who are not receiving a service do not enter the service area when the technician is onsite. Please clear the area of any furniture or restrictions that will prevent equipment being setup properly. Provide location details (if address is a home, hotel, has any gate entry codes, or if a specific entrance will be accessible). Parking at a hotel is covered by the client. 

How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

We have a 24 hr cancellation policy. If you made a deposit payment in order to book, and did not cancel within 24hrs then that fee is non-refundable.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment and you did so within the 24hr window, your deposit will remain on your account as a credit. You can always directly cancel  via your profile on the Vagaro scheduling app. If you are unsuccessful, please email us an email titled RESCHEDULE OR CANCELLATION so that there is a time stamp of when you contacted us. If you are sick due to the coronavirus or exposure to it, please contact us immediately.


Voice Mail | Text 678-653-3107