Vaginal steaming is a holistic health practice where the warmth of steam from customized herbal recipes, gently cleanses the vagina. This powerful form of therapy has numerous benefits that include: relieving menstrual cramps, regenerating damaged tissues, relieving heavy menstruation, ridding the body of bacteria, viruses and fungi, tightening the vagina, ridding the womb of excess waste that contribute to cysts, fibroids, cancers and tumors, strengthening the uterus and stimulating healthy sexual energy.


Anal steam is an ancient form of healing for men  that can positively contribute to their overall health. It has numerous benefits that includes, but not limited to easing intestinal conditions such as constipation, weak digestion and infestations, aids in relieving  anxiety, depression, insomnia, reduces inflammation, supports prostate health, can increase the flow of urine,  treats benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and  enhances sexual drive by boosting circulation with nourishing cells to stimulate a prolonged erection and  prevent premature ejaculation


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