The Ionic foot detox bath aids in eliminating harmful toxins, foreign matter and heavy metals, the major objective of this treatment is to have healthy cell molecules. Ionic detox foot baths work by ionizing warm saltwater with alternating polarities as you breathe easy and enjoy the sense of well-being that comes from both soaking and cleansing your feet. While your feet bathe, toxins are released from your body. These toxins are often the result of unhealthy eating habits, mainly the consistent consumption of processed foods and saturated fats. We also breathe in other toxins when surrounded by air pollution, and they sit in us when we do not exercise. Foot detoxing helps the body detox through the healing power of ions, because of their powerful charge, the body cleanses more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects. The body must be balanced of positive and negative ions in cells and molecules, and this service gives the  body a full-body purge for all vital organs. 


During this session ions from the module enter the body and begins to neutralize tissue acid waste known as reverse osmosis.  Your feet are soaked and a special sea salt. The foot bath water contains a special sea salt, so it has the mineral concentration of water from the ocean.  During this process positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath process.  Allowing the body and blood cells to be re-energized.  Eliminating toxins that are stored in fat, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin.  This also neutralizes the body acid overload and aisd in pH levels being balanced. 


  • Can increase circulation; improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol

  • Enhances weight loss; increases metabolism 

  • Reduces cellulite, obesity and shrinks stomach to normal size

  • Relieves headaches, migranes and symptoms of allergies

  • Ends cravings in caffeine, drugs, sugar and nicotine

  • Can decrease sleep problems

  • Reduces inflammation and pain



  • Signature  hot towels application

  • Moisturizing Oil or Regen Candle 


Paraffin Upgrade has to moisturize the skin and assists with issues such as inflammation



Ionic Foot Detox

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